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Art Of Tattooing – Collectible Vintage Postcards

Antique & Vintage offers Collectible Antique and Vintage Postcards For Sale. We have  a large collection of original old vintage postcards, some used and postmarked, others that were not used or distributed. Besides selling original, used postcards, we also produce high quality Repro reproductions of these classic postcards from the early 1900‘s for those who cannot afford the cost of owning an original. The subjects are photographed Tattooed people who were traveling carnival sideshow acts. The Tattooed Man, Tattooed Lady, Tattooed Wonder, the Circus Sideshow performers artistic names were also quite unique. During the late 1890s to early 1900s getting started in the tattoo performing business as a sideshow act was usually quick and easy. To supplement their low salary many sideshow performers sold souvenir photographic postcards (RPPC) to make ends meet.  RPPC is the definition of Real Photo Postcard, photographic images printed in Postcard format. Real photo postcards are postcards with genuine photographic images on the front. They are actual photographs on photopaper and designed to be mailed with a postage stamp. Most of these cards are from the Victorian period from 1837 up to the Golden Age of Postcards which lasted until 1920.

The Tattooed Ladies & Tattooed Women included circus sideshow performers with artistic names like Salome Djita, Miss Carry, Anni Frank, Marie Sylvia, Anita Sabella, Rosella, Miss Mary, Miss Kathe, Miss Emmy, Miss Alwanda,  Nora Hildebrandt, Irene Woodward, Mae Vandermark, Astoria Gibbons, Miss Creaola, Betty Broadbent. Maude Wagner, Miss Angelica, La Bella Angora and Florida Idona all worked as the “Tattooed Lady” or “Tattooed Woman”.

The Tattooed men and Tattooed Fakirs of these circus sideshows had also spectacular names sometimes like Don Manuelo, Frank Marwood, The Blue Man, John Burt, Monsieur le Tatouage, Ben-Abu-Bekier, Captain George Costentenus (aka “The Greek Albanian” & “The Tattooed Greek Prince”, The Great Omi aka Zebra Man and Dave Warford. 


Modern Tattoo Design Art Cards

Modern, Tattoo Design Inspired Art Cards is probably our most important category for Tattoo themed postcards that we sell. Unlike photographic, business or greeting cards, most modern Tattoo design art cards are special interest cards when they were printed. Combined with the skills and technical abilities of the tattoo artists of this period, make these cards very popular among Tattoo collectors today. To better understand this popularity, think of these cards as 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ original high quality tattoo design prints, which they are, instead of just as postcards. Naturally prints are available in larger formats but they also cost more to purchase. Buying postcards is an affordable way to collect and display Tattoo Artwork from all over the world.

Discover unique tattoo design inspired art cards by some of the worlds top tattoo artists!

Featuring popular, renowned Tattoo Artists from all over the world. Modern, Tattoo artwork inspired by American Traditional, Japanese, Maori, European, Asian, Tribal, Biomechanical, Dot work, and Realistic styles of tattooing.


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